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Abacus Advisory operates within the highly lucrative alternative investment industry and provide our clients with clear financial thinking and possess an ambitious approach to telling our clients where their money can work the hardest for them in a truly independent fashion.

Abacus Advisory are friendly, professional, informative and have a passion for success. We are experts in our field and have built up an unrivalled network of contacts within the financial services industry to assist our day to day operations to achieve our clients' goals by tailoring our services to you, the client. If you are an experienced professional investor with many successful years of investing, we are confident we can add value to your existing holdings and firmly believe that you can never have too much good advice. On the other hand, you may be new to the idea of investing and need a little friendly help and guidance. We are good listeners and won't blind you with technical jargon and are always happy to work with new clients at a pace that suits them.

Whether you are looking for guidance on something specific or a general overview of the best markets in the alternative investment world, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation, unbiased initial consultation as we are here to help. Feel free to browse our website and pick up the phone if you feel the need to talk to us.